Adobe Photoshop 2022 v23.4.2 Juli 2022 fix crash shape

Software | 1 November 2020

 Adobe Photoshop mendapat update perbaikan

Salah satu fitur menganti tampilan langit dalam proses edit foto, telah diperbaiki.
Sebelumnya Adobe merilis fitur baru untuk mengikuti tren. Foto pemandangan dengan latar belakang langit dapat di ganti untuk membuat foto lebih menarik.

Download Adobe Photoshop new feature

Fitur Adobe Photoshop April 2022
Copy paste text layer dari Illustrator
Edge Enchancement penganti backgroun langit.
Komposisi Multithreaded dan GPU, tersedia di versi 22.3. Periksa di menu Preference - Performance dan aktifkan Multithreaded.
Untuk GPU saja, click di bagian Graphic Processor Setting dan tick Use GPU.

Removal of Camera Shake Reduction dihapus. Bagian Filter - Sharpen - Shake Reduction, tidak dapat digunakan lagi, masalah kompatibel dengan pengembangan software.

Photoshop Update

Photoshop Adobe Photoshop 2022 v23.4.2 Juli 2022
    Guide coordinates issue while holding shift
    Margin guides don't honor chosen color

    Issue with Guides not snapping to exact position
    Windows unexpectedly change size when opening files
    Photoshop crashes when changing a shape with the Direct Selection tool
    Info panel Guide position doesn't update in real-time while dragging when View > Snap is disabled
    Artboard guides for existing documents display incorrect color

Photoshop Adobe Photoshop 2022 v23.4.1 Juni 2022
Update kedua File Corrupt versi 23.4.1

    Several crash reports fixed through Photoshop beta usage
    Photoshop crashes when using Replace Color in indexed color mode
    Photoshop crashes when pasting text with M1 processors
    Photoshop crashes in OpenCL when resizing images
    Photoshop crashes when using "TT Norms" font
    [Win] Photoshop crashes using Object Selection
    Photoshop document window is empty/blank if the Precise Color Management for HDR Display technology preview is enabled on an SDR display
    Black, White Gradient Preset and Perceptual Interpolation creates cool/blue cast
    Photoshop lagging on large documents when using the Clone tool, especially when sampling an area to
    Spring loaded keyboard shortcuts get stuck and don't return to the previous tool
    Sky Replacement: Jagged edges when using Fade Edge
    Mixer Brush incorrectly loads foreground color
    'Match Fonts' not showing fonts available to activate from Adobe Fonts
    Incorrect z-order after using color picker
    Paint bucket paints with wrong color
    Gradient fills shift when exporting artboards with shapes and gradient fills
    Lag while zooming and painting with Native Canvas Rulers enabled
    Keyboard focus is lost when working with individual channels in Curves
    ??Using tool preset for the Type tool with Kerning set to optical doesn't get applied to new layers
    Layers with Drop Shadow content disappears depending on Zoom level and Spread size
    ??Slow preview performance in Liquify
    Photoshop freezes when changing Grid via Actions
    Clicking in Artboard with the Move tool causes the document to pan
    Artifacts or noise while using Unsharp Mask filter

Photoshop Adobe Photoshop 2022 v23.3.2 Mei 2022

    Photoshop document window is empty/blank if the Precise Color Management for HDR
    Background layer shows incorrect layer locking status
    Using backspace when typing notes in the Notes panel prompts a 'delete this note?' dialog or deletes the active layer.
    Shortcuts to work between masks do not work as expected

Photoshop Adobe Photoshop 2022 v23.3.0.394 April 2022
    UXP blocks save functions, related to Save to Cloud interstitials
    Duplicating linked layers does not keep hidden layer status
    Previously saved files with adjustment layers open with strange colors - MachinePrefs.psp the cause
    Debug assert on opening a file - on going to Edit > Image Size, you can no longer close the Image Size dialog
    Placed Linked PNG file doesn't behave correctly with transform and crashes
    Redo doesn't get the user back to the end point when editing curves adjustment layer
    When saving a .tif or .jpg as .png, the ICC Profile box gets unchecked
    Photoshop opens image in a very small window when using an external monitor
    "Fit on Screen" (Cmd+0) does not work properly when using arranged windows (tiles)
    Shortcuts to navigate between masks don't work as expected
    Crash Reporter: Crash in DirectML.dll
    Silverfast Ai 8.8 plugin gives this message - Could not complete your request because of a program error - in PS
    Regression > Incorrect Slicing placement and instability
    Could not complete request because of program error with Silverfast plug-in installed
    Export As - Scale All adds sequential numbers to the file name
    Turning off Preserve Edit-ability for PDF flattens layers in subsequent Save As
    Ps crashes on opening .psd file with version 23.2.0
    Ps crashes on adjusting a shapes border radius
    Copying pixels from the file gives JSON error when creating a new document
    [Win] Slice Select tool overlay drawing problem - issue with slices that appeared to be resolved
    Vanishing point control points disappear on deleting/undoing added planes
    Move Tool + Ctrl key + Smart Guides = Slow and laggy
    Printing: Cannot access print settings using Photoshop Manages Color and Epson color profiles
    [Win] Crash in ML/stack corruption

Photoshop Adobe Photoshop 2022 Februari version 23.2
Fix v 23.2, perbaikan baru sepertinya memunculkan bug lain, kadang screen freeze.

    [Win] Liquify Tool Crashes with Assertion Failed! error
    [Win] The Divide Slice dialog causes incorrect slicing placement and instability
    [Win] [KBSC] Brush tip preview on canvas doesn't update while long press bracket keys
    Unable to see active selection when running an action in Photoshop 23.0
    Marching ants for Select All is not visible for floating document windows
    Hue slider modifications do not reflect in the bottom-most Hue ramp
    Layer Effects/Styles not exported with Export As in Photoshop 23.0
    Export As causes significant color values changes when converting 16-bit to 8-bit Prophoto
    Export As does not maximize image size values
    Export As does not generate assets that do not have a preview
    Ability to preserve the state of the Include ICC profile checkbox for PNG Save As
    Program Error when attempting to use the Object Selection Tool
    Program error while trying to save
    Photoshop crashes while modifying selection on a mask when using Pattern Preview
    Photoshop 23.1.0 keeps crashing on using Cintiq 22HDT's pen
    Raw files, when opened from Lightroom Photos in the Photoshop home screen, won't open as a smart object
    Issues with Zoom and Pan performance  in Photoshop when using mouse/stylus
    Bevel and Emboss effect in Photoshop corrupts Shape Layers with a Feather Effect
    Slow Curves adjustment layer with Photoshop 23.x
    Grid behavior changed in Photoshop 23.1
    ICC Profile Name not correctly handled during color conversions from CIELAB
    Error in Image Processor after running Crop and Straighten
    Esc key doesn't cancel a drawn crop in Classic Mode
    Cursor too light/difficult to see in File Info dialog (UI set to light)
    Photoshop window flickers when using color picker tool with full screen and ruler on

Photoshop Adobe Photoshop 2022 Januari version 23.1.1
Fix v 23.1.1
    Layer effects composite incorrectly

    Program error causes failure in rasterizing layer effects
    [Win] Brush size animation lags when using keyboard shortcuts

Fix v 23.1
    Rulers display wrong units when set to Percent
    Esc doesn't dismiss crop in Classic mode
    Mouse moves by itself when Liquify is opened
    Crash when Libraries primary representation is null
    Soft proofing applied and can't be turned off
    Grid causes performance slowdown
    (Win) Crash on using Content-Aware Fill
    (Win) Cursor gets stuck on the Transform handle
    (Win) Arrow keys change channel selection instead of nudging point
    (Win) Copy and paste keyboard shortcuts not working for layers
    Unable to load tiled TIF images generated in other programs
    (Mac) Crash Reporter: Crash on open in libtbb.dylib
    (Mac) Clicking and typing in the file name field in Save dialogs on Monterey result in mangled file names
    Error while creating PDF presentation with Photoshop 23.0
    Text on a circle comes out wonky when saved to PDF
    Error Fail to call postmessage as webview is not initialized yet
    Poor quality gradients in PNG-8 (new Export API)
    Spring-loaded tool feature has broken experience
    Severe lag adjusting curves with certain tools selected

Fix v 23.0.1
    Gradient layers created in 22.x or earlier appear different in 23.0 due to default behavior changing to Perceptual instead of Classic
    Proof Colors and rendering intent preview does not work (HDR display works)
    Crash when trying to select with Windows Pen on Surface Studio
    (Win only) The cursor gets stuck on the Transform handle
    The Nearest Neighbor image size resample method exports Bicubic results causing blurry image export

    Tiff Files open in 22.5.1 and earlier but don't in Photoshop 23.0
    (Win only) Delay while zooming in or out with a scroll wheel in Photoshop 23.0
    Export As incorrectly displays error on exports of layers with '#' character
    Crash while using the Object Selection tool
    Error when trying to use Neural Filter

Photoshop Adobe Photoshop 2021 v23.0.0.36 Okt 2021
Photoshop crashes when using the Smart Sharpen filter
Photoshop crashes when using Select and Mask
Photoshop crashes when using Polygonal Lasso
Photoshop crashes while starting up
Unknown error using Save for web

Photoshop 2021 shipping with an end of support version of NodeJS
Guides not snapping at some zoom levels and causing fuzziness
Rounding of corners not proportionate when using Export As to scale
Update Neural Filters
Automatic Selections Hover
Oil paint filter (GPU)
Perbaikan Gradient

Salah satu teknik membuat foto stacking agar gambar tajam dengan photoshop

Tip photo light painting

Fix Adobe versi 19

Kombinasi membuat file LUT dari Photoshop untuk video editing dengan Sony Vegas Pro

Vegas Pro 20 rilis dengan beberapa fitur baru. White balance untuk video di panel color grading sudah tersedia, HUE dengan curves. Dukung audio VST3. Optical flow untuk Warp flow dan Smart Split dan fitur lain.

Google Maps Alert berbagi lokasi sampai tiba di tujuan. Tip download Google Maps, dan update tanpa download ulang. Maksimum peta Google Maps Offine 1,7GB. Update Google mungkin meluncurkan Google Maps Go. Google Maps Offline yang di download expire 1 tahun. Peringatan Stay Safer otomatis bila salah rute

Teknologi digital seperti Photoshop memang kontroversi. Layanan restorasi foto tua, untuk perbaikan, fokus sampai membuat foto berwarna. Tapi keahlian yang satu ini menarik, restorasi foto lama menjadi baru dan berwarna. Sekarang dibantu dengan AI.

Nikon rilis software editing sendiri, khusus untuk editing foto RAW atau khusus untuk file foto NEF. Pengembangan software termasuk fitur Active D-Lighting. Yang mengatur White Balance, kecerahan dan kontras gambar.

VLC bertahan selama 20 tahun. Player 4K, video 360. Sebagai media player untuk file MP4, AVC, DVD dan file video lainnya. VLC 3.03 sudah keluar update, bagi penguna VLC Player sangat disarankan mendownload update terbaru

Program Renamer memudahkan merubah nama file sesuai karakter, menganti nama file sekaligus, baik di dalam satu folder atau beberapa folder. Memudahkan kita mencari nama file, misal berdasarkan tanggal atau tempat. Membersihkan keterangan nama file yang kita tidak perlukan. Termasuk beberapa karakter, dapat diganti atau dihilangkan.

Photoshop Camera aplikasi camera Android dengan kecerdasan buatan. Menampilkan otomatis filter ketika foto akan diabadikan. Atau membuat efek blur di latar belakang. Adobe masih menguji disain AI di aplikasi Photoshop Camera. Resmi di rilis ke publik.

Google Meet update Instant Meeting Januari 2021.  Tampilan layar 2x2 menjadi 4x4 atau 49 peserta dapat ditampilkan langsung pada layar. Menghilangkan gangguan suara latar belakang, dan gambar lebih jelas dalam pencahayaan rendah. Terintegrasi dengan Gmail untuk bergabung atau membuat grup Google meet

Font Windows dapat diatur sesuai kebutuhan kita. Dengan memberi nama font TTF atau merubah file OTF ke TTF terlebih dahulu, dan membuat nama font menjadi satu kelompok. Akan mempercepat memilih font bagi mereka yang suka membuat konten. Dari video konten, disain, foto yang memerlukan keterangan huruf dalam gambar dan video. Bagaimana mengatur nama font agar terlihat dalam satu grup.

Dari foto sampai gambar animasi, mengunakan beberapa format file. Merubah HEIC ke JPG. Apakah anda tahu perbedaan antara format file JPG PSD PNG TIFF dan GIF. Format file tersebut banyak digunakan untuk foto atau gambar di internet. Kelima format file dari JPG PSD PNG TIFF BMP dan GIF memiliki perbedaan tersendiri.

Software Lightroom adalah aplikasi untuk edit foto profesional. Update Lightroom CC 11 perbaikan Masking baru, Publish Collection update Stall, Berpindah dari PDF ke format lain gambar hilang, masalah Wacom tablet diperbaiki

Panolapse  sebuah aplikasi video untuk time lapse. Menyusun file foto menjadi sebuah film. Update optimisasi 48fps, 60fps untuk Panolapse v.1.173

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