Magix Vegas Pro Januari 2023

Software | 10 March 2022

Magix Vegas Pro 20
Vegas Pro 20 memasuki era color grading dengan workflow, mendukung penuh hardware high end seperti format video ProResRAW, BlackMagicRAW.
Untuk video media sosial posisi vertikal, mendukung hardware akselerasi dengan GPU terbaru.
File drop
Otomatis sistem koleksi projek
Dukungan Speecth to text
Penambahan White Balance video color grading
HUE adjustment curve
Dukungan audio VST3
Optical Flow mode

Magix Vegas Pro 19

Catatan : versi sebelumnya yang bekerja dengan baik, tidak terkait dengan perbaikan, tidak perlu update.
Versi update terbaru, akan merubah file VEG ke versi lebih tinggi dan tidak dapat dibuka dengan software Vegas Pro versi lebih rendah.

Magix Vegas Pro 20 Update dan Fix

Update Magix Vegas Pro 20 326 Januari 2023
Versi Januari 2023 belum stabil untuk hardware lama !!!
Operating system Microsoft® Windows 10 | 11
CPU 6th Generation Intel Core i5 (AMD)

Fix update
New AI engine
VST3 support (full release)

Hover Scrub bypass
UX Improvements for File Drop workflow
Flemish option in Text to Speech
Higher quality audio output for Text-to-Speech
Add or replace plug-ins in an FX chain
Hue vs Luminance color curve
Saturation vs Luminance, Luminance vs Saturation
Picture-in-Picture plugin enhancements
Language support: Brazilian Portuguese
Smart Mask (beta)
Animation control over individual Bézier mask points
Indicator of active Auto Ripple Edit mode

Fixes and Improvements
Fixed a crash which may occur when reading HEVC files 
Fixed an issue during the Paste Attributes function when overwriting current event settings 
Audio effects window auto resizing now works as expected 
The preference to disable auto resizing of audio effects now works as expected 
Resolved an issue that could cause the application to lock up during motion tracking 
Turning off the 32-bit VST support preference now properly clears out plugins 
Auto Update for the Deep Learning Modules now works as expected 
Progress bar and the time remaining fields in the Render Progress dialog now work correctly for all formats 
SetResampleMode in VideoEvent object of the scripting API now works properly  
Improved resolution when zooming in the Video Preview window 
Resolved some zoom drawing issues in the Video Preview window 
Grids and Safe Areas overlays now behave correctly while zooming the Video Preview 

Fixed crash when using Motion Blur with some AMD GPUs 
Fixed crash which could occur when using the Warp Flow effect 
Eliminated unexpected results of using the scroll wheel over the Video Preview window when VEGAS is not the application currently in focus 
File explorer no longer accidentally interprets a double click on a folder or file as a rename operation 
Keyboard shortcuts no longer conflict between Smart Tags and Preview Zoom features 
Resolved an issue where window layouts would not properly persist upon relaunching VEGAS with more than two or three application extensions  
Fixed Parallelogram mode in the Picture-in-Picture effect  
VEGAS now automatically detects Nahimic service and sets the WPF GPU preference to avoid UI corruption 
Render template for HEIC image sequence now properly named 
Fixed issue where the auto-update feature was not able to see some GPUs 
Fixed problem where the Color Grading panel may open at an effect level labeled “None” 
Motion Tracking panel no longer crashes on an empty event 
Fixed Driver Update utility so that it accurately works for customers using EnglishThe combination of a Bézier point and linear point no longer creates an invalid curve shape on the FX animation timeline 
Files rendered as ProRes now properly report as VBR 
VEGAS no longer crashes when rendering using the MainConcept MPEG-1 VCD PAL template with no video frames present. 
Duplicate events are no longer created when dragging media to the timeline from the details view of the Project Media window

Update Magix Vegas Pro 20 214 Oktober 2022
Fix update
Hue vs Saturation color curve
Saturation vs Saturation color curve
Color picker for color curves
Zoomable preview
Comment field for File Drop
AI-generated Thumbnails for File Drop files

Fixes and Improvements
Scrolling through presets for GL Transitions now works properly
Black Bar Fill displays as expected on 5000 series AMD GPUs
Fixed issues in Hue vs. Hue color curve for graphs jumping unexpectedly
Sorting issues in the Hub Explorer fixed
Fixed crash in File Explorer which occasionally occurs when RED media is in the current directory
Various improvements and fixes to the color curves
Fixed crash which could happen during peak building
Fixed issue with Media FX occasionally causing preview and render errors
Style Transfer presets now work properly when custom style mode is active
Malformed 608 Closed Caption commands no longer cause a render crash
Fixes and improvements to Paste Attributes functionality
Fixed crash which will occur when rendering to ProRes and the "Allow source to adjust frame size" custom template option is used
Change to help prevent a hang on shut down caused by some GPU drivers
Fixed issue which caused an occasional hang during playback
Picture-in-Picture effect now runs faster on Intel GPUs
When importing multiple files at once, all the files are now selected after the import in the Project Media window
Preference put in place to turn off and on 32-bit VST support
EXR files now appear properly in the Explorer window and Import Media window
Upgrade to VST engine
Faster custom Style Transfer engine
Fixed crash which may occur when the batch render script is executed.
Fixed issues with render that are created was 360 media
Mouse wheel adjustments made in the color grading panel are now always applied to the proper control
Fixed crash on startup when the VST Plugin Scanner is run
Add Folder to Timeline option in the Explorer window now works as expected
Interface color options in the preferences dialog now have swatches that accurately reflect the color schemes
Fix problem where BCC+ plugins would not work as expected
New more accurate algorithm for applying color grading to 32 bit projects.
Added missing ability to select specific FX in the Selectively Paste Attributes dialog
Added a menu item to launch the hardware detection utility
Improve the performance of the project collections in VEGAS Hub
Fixed crash which may occur after adding an OGG file
Fixed undo buffer issue when a project is closed
Improved performance of AI plugins
Fixed problem with hardware decoding of GoPro and DJI files

Update Magix Vegas Pro 20 139 Agustus 2022

Fix install Vegas Pro 20 1.39.
Setelah install, open dan Crash Force Close (Won't Start). Versi 20 membutuhkan koneksi internet untuk pertama kali digunakan dalam memeriksa server plugin.
Membuka ijin Firewall Magix Vegas Pro 20, program akan bekerja normal.
Setelah bekerja, Firewall dapat diaktifkan untuk memblok akses program.

    File Drop for fast collaboration
    Automatic project collections
    Local project archives
    Speech to Text functionality including automatic subtitle generation (official release - 365 subscribers only)
    White Balance controls in the Color Grading Panel
    Hue adjustment curves in the Color Grading Panel
    VST3 Support for audio editing  (beta)
    VST 32-bit bridge (beta)
    Optical Flow mode for Warp Flow and Smart Split
    Real-time Optical Flow for the Slow Motion FX
    Normalize button for events
    Fade In/Out included in Paste Event Attributes
    Automatic region creation in Scene Detection
    Honeycomb and Color Planes presets for GL transitions

Magix Vegas Pro 19

Update Magix Vegas Pro 19 643 Juni 2022
Fitur baru
- Bezier Curve support for keyframe animation for effects
- Speech to Text auto-detects the OS language
- Update to support the latest version of OFX specification
- Motion Blur FX
- Hardware detection now handles multiple GPUs from the same vendor
- Color Grading can now be applied to the Track, Media, and Video Output levels
- Brightness and Contrast controls for the Color Grading Panel
- Performance improvements for Color Grading curve options
- New templates for vertical aspect ratio projects
- New templates for rendering vertical aspect ratio projects

Bug Fixes
- Fixed crash which could occur when selecting Bypass All after a track level effect was added
- The Border FX now properly releases GPU memory
- Event length is properly set when velocity changes via mouse drag
- Move rarely used Project Properties to another tab so the size of the dialog is smaller
- Edit Visible Button Set on an audio track now works properly
- Color Grading layout now properly shows Hub windows
- The driver Update database now detects new NVidia and AMD cards
- Projects from VEGAS Pro 18 with notes will no longer cause a crash when loaded into VEGAS Pro 19

Update Magix Vegas Pro 19 636 Mei 2022
- Bezier Curve support for keyframe animation for effects
- Speech to Text auto-detects the OS language
- Update to support the latest version of OFX specification
- Motion Blur FX
- Hardware detection now handles multiple GPUs from the same vendor
- Color Grading can now be applied to the Track, Media, and Video Output levels
- Brightness and Contrast controls for the Color Grading Panel
- GPU acceleration for Scene and Shot detection
- Additional Languages and Regional dialects for Text to Speech
- New templates for vertical aspect ratio projects
- New templates for rendering vertical aspect ratio projects

Bug Fixes

    Fixed crash which could occur when selecting Bypass All after a track level effect was added
    The Border FX now properly releases GPU memory
    Event length is properly set when velocity changes via mouse drag
    Move rarely used Project Properties to another tab so the size of the dialog is smaller

Update Magix Vegas Pro 19 550 Maret 2022
    Apple ProRes files are now supported for both import and export
    Color grading panel is now available at the media, track, and video output levels
    Optical Flow slow motion now available for velocity curves and playback rate settings
    An expanded lower limit for playback rate
    Event switch to automatically trim events to show all frames
    Resampling mode revamp including Disable Resampling as the default
    Option in Mesh Warp to more smoothly morph image between mesh points
    Ability to show unquantized event edges
    Ability to turn off the preview window during a render
    New AI tab in the Video Plugins window
    VEGAS Hub and Hub Explorer now part of the default layout
    BETA: Speech to Text functionality including automatic subtitle generation and export of SRT, SUB, and TXT files
Tampil ghosting render OpticalFlow diperbaiki. Legacy AVC dan HEVC. Fix Crash tanpa koneksi internet, Border GX dengan AMD GPU.
File subtitle SRT import telah berfungsi.

Update Magix Vegas Pro 19 381 September 2021 - versi populer
Vegas Pro 19 update ke 2 dalam bulan September 2021
New Features
    Update to OpenVino 1.4
    Danish voice added to Text to Speech
    Added a more accurate optical flow mode for the Slow Motion FX
    Realtime Optical Flow for the Slow Motion FX
Bug Fixes
    Fixed crash when undo is used on an Audio Effect during playback
    Hub Explorer will now properly update after a VEGAS Hub download
    Fixed crash on startup when Hub Window is open by default
    Interacts for the Bezier Mask now work properly after motion analysis
    Link in login error message for non-365 users is now clickable
VEGAS Pro 19: VEGAS Effecst 3:

DOWNLOAD Vegas software
Dibawah ini editing video dengan Magix Vegas Pro 19 menu Motion Tracking

Magix Vegas Pro 18

Vegas Pro 18 Built 527 update terakhir Mei 2021, versi terakhir dan versi selanjutnya dengan Magix Vegas 19.
Versi ini sebaiknya tidak di install bila tidak memerlukan update untuk PC dengan GPU / VGA.
Dapat muncul Error C++ sangat bermasalah

Fitur baru
BETA: VEGAS Hub access for VEGAS 365 users
HEVC 10-bit 4:2:2 decoding with supported hardware
Disk usage field in the Render Progress dialog

Bug Fixes:
Scale & Location tracking mode no longer missing from Bezier Mask tracking
YouTube and Vimeo uploads now work
Bezier masks with 32 or more curve points will no longer crash when rotating the mask
Now will disable the "Hardware Decoder to use" field in preferences if no hardware decoder can be used
Resetting color grading after a Camera LUT has been apply no longer crashes.
Fixed crashes that could occur when adjusting the HLS and Input/Output slider in the Color Grading panel
Issues with recent Windows Update and AC3 decoding have been resolved
Minimizing VEGAS while doing a batch render will properly keep the Render Progress dialog minimized as well
Driver update utility now sees Xe Max GPU
Video Stabilization no longer crashes after applying a preset
Fixed scenario where Render As dialog is not visible when launched

Magix Vegas Pro 18 482
Rilis Maret 2021
GPU Process for Input Device Transform processing
P3-D65 HDR templates for Render As dialog
New preference for event edge double click, disabling the toggle to Expanded Edit Mode by default

Added support for extended GPU names in Driver Update utility
Added better region support in Driver Update utility
Added support for 10th, 11th generation Intel integrated GPUs and Xe GPUs in Driver Update utility
Render As dialog properly saves favorited templates
Adding an audio FX automation envelope no longer crashes after applying an FX package
Dragging and dropping an FX default now correctly inserts the default preset
Track Motion window now retains its position between sessions
Green Channel Only preset for Channel Blend plugin now handles alpha properly
Fixed crash when using the Slow Motion plugin in low memory situations
Added support for DCH drivers in the Driver Update utility
Fixed crash which may occur when using some NewBlue plugins
Media Generator UI will now open after a double click to add the generator to the timeline
Fixed crash when opening the Render As dialog when the AVC plugin cannot be accessed
Handling of hardware encoders changed to avoid crashes if hardware cannot support them
Fixed Driver Update utility so it accurately displays information for previously unsupported NVidia GPUs
AVC files rendered at a custom frame rate now create valid files
Amplitude Modulation audio plugin will now stay in sync no matter where playback starts on the timeline
Fixed crash on systems which OpenGL cannot be initialized
Added support to read files in an MP4 container that contain AC-3 audio
Distorted UI in Render As dialog for some systems is now fixed
Crash which can occur when drawing wave streams on the timeline has been fixed
Fixed crash which may occur when syncing the timeline with the FX automation timeline
Rende rAs dialog now remembers its previous size and position
Projects with the Timecode plugin included on them will no longer crash when rendered
Background of the Render Options dropdown corrected to properly show text in all interface color schemes
Fix issue where Auto-Update fails due to “Application still running” error. (This will not have any effect for users until the next update.)
Channel blend custom presets from previous versions of VEGAS Pro now work the same in VEGAS Pro 18
Fixed crash that may occur when undo is executed and a file is removed from the project in the process of the undo
Fixed crash that may occur when an empty audio event is added to the timeline
Fixed crash that may occur when drawing an empty audio event on the timeline
Crash when editing a bezier curve in the Pan/Crop window has been fixed
Updated OpenVino library to support 11th generation Intel Core CPUs
Change to avoid crash while applying an audio plugin during playback
Prevent a hang which could occur when opening files that require an activation
Customized templates are displayed as expected in the Render As dialog
Errors in the search field for the Render As dialog have been resolved
Selecting the P2 encoder in the Render As dialog correctly sets the folder and file name fields
The application closes properly if the user opens the Media Generators window during the session
Using the Credit Roll media generator no longer causes the application to freeze or crash
Crash that may occur when drawing a nested timeline event on the main timeline has been fixed
Support hardware HEVC 4:2:2 decoding on newer Intel processors
Fixed crash when building audio proxy on nested timelines
AVC files that have erroneously been detected as VFR now are detected properly

Magix Vegas Pro 18 434
Rilis Januari 2021- versi lebih stabil

Fitur baru
Updated ACES support to version 1.2

Fix bug
Fixed Crash when using Style Transfer plugin
Color Curves plugin now handles HDR values properly
Anchor points are now handled properly in the Titles and Text media generator
The directory field in the Organize Layouts dialog now persists properly
Improved functionality for drag-and-drop in the Motion Tracking panel
Open folder button now works properly in the Render Progress window after rendering an image sequence
Fixed a crash while editing the Crop plugin
360 mode is now properly retained when you open a new VEGAS session
Added a new option to deactivate GPU acceleration for the UI when conflicts exist
Hamburger menu configuration dialog will no longer clip options in high DPI environments
Expanded the slider range for the Cookie Cutter plugin
Vimeo upload now works
VideoFX, Media Generators and Transitions plugin windows now retain focus properly
RenderAs dialog sizes properly in high DPI environments
Long load times have been reduced in projects containing a Warp Flow transition
The track buttons in the Motion Tracking panel are now disabled when no region is selected
Changing the opacity of a track on the timeline no longer affects event selection
Performing an undo when the envelope tool is selected no longer causes a crash
Fixed crash when the current user has changed in Windows
View transform selection is now retained between launches of VEGAS
The motion tracking panel no longer causes a crash when selecting an empty event
Fixed a crash the could occur when events are drawn on the timeline
Color grading panel will no longer produce large numbers of undo events
Drawing of the color wheels in the Color Grading panel has been improved
Zoom level in the Video Stabilization plugin is new set properly when loading a project
Fixed problem when reading in some MPEG files with AC-3 audio
Media Effects will no longer be removed from media that is renamed in the Project Media window
Favorites will now properly update in the Explorer window
Improved functionality of GPU detection
Video Stabilization no longer crashes when applied as a Media Effect to a still image
Better handling of the position parameter for some plugins when using the Motion Tracking panel
Fixed issue where some transitions were not able to be added to the timeline
Double clicking on an FX name will now properly add it to a plugin chain with the default preset
Fixed issue where drag-and-drop did not work with compositors on an empty video track
Added support for Quadro and 3000 series Nvidia GPUs in the Driver Update window

Fixed memory error the may occur when using NVENC templates
Fixed crash that can occur when the user is editing clips without trim handles on
Issue with some 3rd party Media Generators causing the Media Generator window not to open has been fixed
HEVC 4:2:0 media will no longer cause a crash
Better support of HEVC 4:2:2 media on Intel processors

Vegas Pro 18 Has Stopped Working (Agustus 2020)
Magix Vegas Pro 18 versi terbaru, membutuhkan minimum perangkat.
Bila computer mengunakan internal graphic dari procesor Intel Gen5 atau generasi sebelumnya.
Vegas Pro 18 akan crash dengan driver Intel HD Graphic, sebaiknya mengunakan driver dari Windows 10
Bagi penguna Vegas Pro yang ingin bertahan dengan procesor model lama dengan internal grafik.
Dapat memperbaiki driver dengan teknik , delete driver Intel HD Graphic dan di install ulang.

Dibawah ini cara memperbaiki masalah Vegas Pro Has Stopped Working.


Update Vegas Pro 17
Tampil untuk editing 4K sampai 8K.
Nested Timeline, mempercepat dan organisasi proyek.
Unified Color Grading, pengaturan koreksi warna video. Lebih cepat, lebih efisien.
HLG HDR, telah didukung dengan HDR Editing, memanfaatkan proses dari GPU.
Optical Flow Slow Motion, membuat video slow motion tampak lebih halus.
GPU Accelerator, Rendering final video dibantu mengunakan VGA untuk AVC atau HEVC

Software Vegas salah satu aplikasi untuk editing video dan audio.

Dibawah ini beberapa efek menarik dari Vegas Pro

Efek Title seperti Adobe After Effect walau lebih sederhana dapat dilakukan dengan Vegas Pro

Vegas Pro Version  History

Magix Vegas Pro 17.452 May 2020

VEGAS Pro 17/VEGAS POST (Update 5, Build 452)

Bug Fixes

    Warp Flow transition will now work properly for all CPUs
    Slider value box in the color grading panel will work properly for all localized versions
    Fixed problem where white balance did not work
    Changes to color grading sliders will now be reflected on the color wheels
    Fine movement of automation points on the timeline will now work correctly in all cases
    Handling of HEVC media has been improved
    Added additional options for the auto while balance feature to allow for results consistent with previous versions
    Fixed crashes in the AMD decoder
    Improved the preferences for hardware decoding to help simplify the user experience
    eFX preset selection is now working properly
    Fixed support for m4v and m4a files
    Crash on launch which some users have experienced has been resolved
    Selecting media in Project Media window will present correct file properties at all times
    In MAGIX Intermediate render plugin, added support for 720x480 resolution with progressive and interlaced formats

Install error Magix Vegas Pro 16
Versi Magix Vegas Pro 16 memerlukan update MIcrosoft Visual C. Tip dibawah ini untuk memperbaiki install error di Windows 7

Pesan error tertulis Error 2147163964 occured during instalation. Modul sfvstproxystubx86.dll failed to register. Hresult 2147024770

Vegas Pro 15 tampil lebih baik dan custom. Tetapi lebih berat untuk grafik, dibanding Vegas Pro 14.
Penguna biasa yang tidak memerlukan fitur baru, memilih tetap mengunakan Vegas Pro 14.

Walau disain software Magix Vegas Pro lebih memudahkan, terlihat ditujukan untuk penguna profesional yang membutukan navigasi proses editing dapat mengunakan versi lebih tinggi.

Fitur LUT plugin Magic Vegas Pro 15 memberikan efek warna seperti film, cinema yang dibuat sendiri. Mengunakan aplikasi 3D LUT Generator, Adobe Photoshop dan Vegas Pro 15.

Magix Vegas Pro 14 Build 252 - April 2017
Vegas Pro 14 adalah versi paling ringan. Paling banyak digunakan, khusus untuk mereka yang tidak membutuhkan fitur terbaru.
Dengan dasar editing video, cukup mengandalkan Vegas Pro 14 dengan kinerja lebih ringan dibanding versi terbaru.
-Custom HEVC, MainConcept AVC/AAC, and ProRes render templates now work properly again
-The Film Effects plug-in was found to expose unwanted transparency in 8-bit Pixel format mode. The plug-in now works properly and no longer introduces inadvertent transparency

Dibawah contoh dari hasil edit video dari Sony Vegas Pro.

Hasil editing dari camera dengan foto Timelapse dan final di edit dengan Sony Vegas Pro.

Efek judul, keterangan di Vegas Pro. Lebih mudah dibuat walau tidak sekomplek After Effet.

Plugin Vegas dengan Twixtor dapat menampilkan video slow motion dengan camera biasa.

Fix Video Preview Lag Magix Vegas Pro

Dibawah ini bila computer tidak dilengkapi dengan GPU, artinya bekerja dengan CPU model lama yang tidak mendukung akselerasi rendering.
Dapat mengunakan tip dibawah ini, agar preview selama proses edit video, gambar video yang di edit terlihat lebih halus dan tidak terjadi lag.

Software Handbrake menambah fitur konversi codec HEVC AV1, mendukung proses Intel Gen7+ dengan GPU dan Intel Arc. Untuk GPU Intel model lama dan dukungan hardware Transcode tidak dapat mengaktifkan Intel Quick Sync untuk Intel Gen6-. StaxRip bagi penguna VGA Nvidia.

Adobe Photoshop 2023 v24.1.1 January 2023. Perbaikan crash fix dari versi beta. DNG dan ARW tidak dapat disave. Perbaikan layer di tombol Right menu.  Windows Material panel tidak dapat dibuka sudah diperbaiki. Delete dan Fill hilang diperbaiki.

Voukoder software membantu output video langsung berbasis FFmpeg. Dukungan terbaru untuk AV1, merilis dukungan Intel Arc, AV1 encoder RDNA 3. Voukoder dapat dimanfaatkan untuk output video dari software editing video. Tanpa proses Transcode video 2 kali.

Software gratis ACDSee Free untuk preview file foto digital, sampai format RAW, melihat file kompres seperti ZIP RAW, memutar video dan audio, dan file dokumen. Untuk foto tersedia Slider, Sistem lebih cepat termasuk fitur Thumbnail gambar

VGA AMD RDNA2 masih dapat di install ke Windows 7 driver terpisah. Adrenalin 22.12.2 perbaikan pemakaian power yang terlalu besar. Walau hanya untuk nonton video / video playback, dan pengunaan multi-monitor seri RX 7 sangat tinggi mengunakan power.

Bagaimana mengembalikan tampilan Windows 10 ke Windows 7. Atau merubah Windows 11 seperti Windows 7. Start menu Windows Classic seperti Windows 7 XP lebih mudah, dan akses ke program lebih cepat tanpa menampilkan Tile yang menganggu di Windows 10 dan Windows 11

Font Windows dapat diatur sesuai kebutuhan kita. Dengan memberi nama font TTF atau merubah file OTF ke TTF terlebih dahulu, dan membuat nama font menjadi satu kelompok. Akan mempercepat memilih font bagi mereka yang suka membuat konten. Dari video konten, disain, foto yang memerlukan keterangan huruf dalam gambar dan video. Bagaimana mengatur nama font agar terlihat dalam satu grup.

Panolapse  sebuah aplikasi video untuk time lapse. Menyusun file foto menjadi sebuah film. Update optimisasi 48fps, 60fps untuk Panolapse v.1.173

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